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Photo galleries from past projects and other interesting concrete issues.

click here for photos of efflorescence on concrete Photos showing occurrences of efflorescence on concrete under various conditions.  Also included are close-ups and related issues such as etching and staining.

Click here for photos of mold and dry rot in residential concrete Photos showing mold growth on concrete slabs in various residential situations.

Click here for photos of testing operations, including coring and sampling of concrete elements Photos covering miscellaneous subjects of interest as observed during our investigations.  These include coring operations, post-tension cable cut, under-slab moisture retardants (Visqueen), etc.

Click here for photos of exhibits prepared from concrete construction defect litigation Samples of trial exhibits prepared by us for recent construction defects cases

Photos of various aspects of post-tension slab construction, including correct installation of anchor-bolts, cables, and cable anchors.

Click here to view photos of pop-ups damage to concrete caused by reactive aggregates Photos of damage caused by Alkali-Silica Reactions (ASR) where reactive aggregates cause pop-ups in concrete exposed to moisture.