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I have started my retirement process in 2012, on my 59th birthday. I gradually concluded and closed my existing projects - referring new projects to my colleagues and competition. By 2017 I was spending my time travelling, looking for the perfect place to retire, and trying to convince my wife that it was time for her to retire too... On September 2018 we bought our new home in Washington State and made the actual move during the last week of 2018. Said Goodbye to Los Angeles and have not looked back...



Welcome to Dr. Mor & Associates, a California based expert consulting firm with extensive experience in forensic engineering, construction defect analysis, and litigation support.

We are located in Los Angeles with associate offices in the surrounding counties. For over 15 years we have been providing expert services to clients throughout California, all over the US and abroad.

Our goal is to offer the most professional, cost effective expert service possible while keeping ourselves reachable and accessible at all times.  We pride ourselves at being specially efficient and attentive to our clients' needs.  (see our mission statement...)

We have exceptional qualifications and experience in the area of concrete construction and its interaction with all other specialties on a construction project. Dr. MorClick to view Dr. Avi Mor's information's background includes experience as a contractor, building inspector, Civil Engineer, researcher and lecturer in his field of specialty - Cement and Concrete.  At any time we are able to draw on the combined experience of our highly qualified expert Associates for the benefit of our clients.

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Recent Projects

Crystal Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Failure
    In September 2009, a gap (delamination) was detected in the 42" thick concrete containment structure at the Crystal River Nuclear plant.
The owner assembled a team of experts in the construction and nuclear industries to determine the "Root Cause" of the failure and and create a comprehensive report for the Nuclear Regulatory Comission (NRC).  Dr Avi Mor was the lead concrete expert on the Root Cause team.  more...
[..] Ready Mix v. [..] Cement
    A Maryland Ready-mixed Concrete supplier suffered catastrophic losses when concrete supplied to major infra-structure projects failed to gain the required strength. Our investigation and analysis showed that the culprit was sub-standard cement from a single source. The Jury agreed with our expert witness testimony and awarded the supplier multi-million dollar compensation.  more...

What Clients say...

    I had the pleasure of hiring Avi to render an expert opinion as part of a $160 million dollar piece of litigation that involved about 25,000 yards of concrete (and about 25,000 problems with the concrete). Through his diligent analysis and research, Avi was able to show that the problems were not the result of my client's work and we ended up settling the case at a very favorable number. His work was integral to that."  more...

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