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Dr Mor assisted clients in analyzing and resolving problems on multiple residential and commercial projects.  Issues included cracking and structural failures, chemical attacks by sulfates or chlorides, internal failure through reactive aggregates, corrosion, failure to comply with codes and standards, improper construction methods and/or materials use, and design and construction errors.

A select listing of recent projects follows.

Concrete Projects:

  • Crystal River Nuclear Plant - Owner
  • The Acreage, Stayberg - Supplier
  • The Acreage, Jacks - Supplier
  • The Acreage, Petrik - Supplier
  • Residence, Anaheim, CA - Contractor
  • Angelina Heights, Los Angeles, CA - Contractor
  • Bledsoe v. Shea - Supplier
  • Broadway Village, San Gabriel, CA - Contractor
  • Burkley v. Shea- Supplier
  • California Marquis, Palmdale, CA - HOA
  • Cape Series, Alliso Viejo - Developer
  • Carriage Hills, Chino Hills, CA - Supplier
  • Citadel, multi purpose center, Industry, CA - Owner
  • Conner, Marina Hills, Laguna Niguel - Contractor
  • Residential development, Corona, CA - HOA
  • Desert Horizon, Las Vegas, NV - Contractor
  • Diamond Ridge - Supplier
  • Grandview Crest, Lake Forest, CA - Developer
  • Highland Light, San Clemente - Supplier
  • Industrial tilt-up warehouse, Santa Fe Springs, CA - Owner
  • Kimball v. Lyman's - Supplier
  • Residential projects, Laguna Niguel, CA
  • Lake Hemet water district, Hemet, CA - Supplier
  • Lewis v. Shea - Supplier
  • Loma Vista, San Juan Capistrano - Supplier
  • Mesa Vista North, San Juan Capistrano - Supplier
  • Mesa Vista South, San Juan Capistrano - Supplier
  • Mission Verde, CA - Landscape contractor
  • Residential development, Murphy Hill, CA - Developer
  • New Providence, San Clemente - Supplier
  • Nadeau v. Shea- Supplier
  • Residences, La Mirada, CA - Home Owners
  • Park Place Villas, Duarte, CA - Contractor
  • Residence, Somis, CA - Supplier
  • Spatz v. Shea - Supplier
  • Terracina, Marina Hills, Laguna Niguel - Supplier
  • Valencia Gateway Plaza - Contractor
  • Villa Dorado, Heber, CA - Developer/Contractor
  • Vilamoura HOA v. IDC - Supplier
  • Village @ Dana Point - Supplier

Concrete Projects (continued):

  • Condominium complex, Agoura Hills, CA - Contractor
  • Residence, Mission Vijeo, CA - Homeowner
  • Warehouse, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Contractor
  • LA Wholesale Produce Market, Los Angeles, CA - Contractor/Supplier
  • Conduit Elementary School, Claremont, CA - School district
  •  Storm drainage Canal, Temecula, CA - Contractor
  • Dormitory building, UCLA - Owner
  • Floating concrete bridge, Seattle, WA - Owner
  • Adult Multi Purpose Center, Watts, CA - Owner
  • Tilt-up warehouse, Los Angeles, CA - Owner
  • Warehouse, San Francisco - Owner
  • Industrial structure, Mexico - Owner
  • Refuse burning power station, Long Beach, CA - Owner
  • North Rankin A platform, Australia - Owner
  • Tilt-up construction, Los Alamitos, CA - Owner
  • Solid Rock Climbing Walls, Nashua, New Hampshire - Builder
  • City of Burbank v. Kajima Construction - Supplier

Multi-disciplinary Projects:

  • Apartment Building, Beverly Hills - developer
  • Residential Development, Calabasas, CA
  • Residential development, Diamond bar, CA
  • Newport Beach Villa Balboa condominiums - developer
  • Metro red line, Los Angeles
  • Residential development, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Ritz Carlton, Pasadena, CA
  • Residential development, Ventura, CA
  • Industrial steel frame building, Los Angeles, CA


  • Belcaro - New Urban West - Stucco
  • Larson v. The Irvine Co - HO
  • Northgate - New Urban West - Stucco
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Examples of Recent Expert Witness Projects

Deterioration of Concrete

Investigation of the internal reactions between reactive aggregates and cement (ASR/ACR).  Evaluation of the resultant damage and potential for future damage. Investigate and recommend remedial actions.

Failure to Achieve Strength

Investigation of concrete that was rejected due to failure to reach design strength.  Determine causes and assign liabilities.  Recommend remedial work when applicable.  Present results in mediation and trial.

Moisture Intrusion

Investigation of allegation regarding excessive moisture intrusion through concrete slabs (as per SB800).  Review tests by others and determine extent of damage (if any). Identification of causes and proposals for remedial action.


Investigate allegations of Sulfate attack on concrete in residential structures.  Determine the type of reaction and extent of damage (if any). Evaluate compliance with codes and specifications. Review and analyze existing knowledge, research and standard-of-care.


Cracking of concrete and stucco in residential and commercial applications. Identification of possible causes and damages.  Determine compliance with codes, specifications and Standard-of-Care.  Review and recommend remedial action.

Structural Failure

Investigation of cracking of structural elements in residential and commercial buildings. Determination of the type and extent of problem. Identification of causes and proposals for remedial action. Assign liability as per codes and plans.