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Typical Project Activities

Project Initiation

  • Complimentary consultation with potential client.
  • Review project for conflicts
  • Consult client and determine needed resources


  • Review available documents from all parties. Analyze plans, specifications, allegations, and work done by others.
  • Consult client and other team members.
  • Retain and organize additional experts as needed. Provide complete project management from one source.
  • Create project database, site and unit plans, and all forms required for inspections.
  • Conduct a thorough building code analysis.
  • Acquire background information from building departments, local professionals, and opposing experts.
  • Conduct a thorough technical research and literature review


  • Visit and visually inspect project.
  • Create photographic and video documentation for each unit.
  • Compile a database report of all visual survey information. This report is used later to determine needed tests, potential repairs scope and cost estimates.
  • Verbal progress reports as needed.


  • Review testing done by all parties.
  • Determine testing needs in consultation with client and associates.
  • Perform nondestructive and invasive tests. Our experienced team of experts, construction crews, and support stuff are known for their professional, efficient, and clean performance.
  • Obtain samples for further tests at associate laboratories.
  • Compile complex database of all tests and information created by all parties. The database makes it possible to provide instantaneous reports and analysis as needed (including at trial).
  • Make photographs and data available to our team on the Internet through our secure web site.


  • Analyze all data.
  • Review reports and depositions by other experts.
  • Determine extent and severity of all allegations.
  • Prepare recommendations for remedial action - where required.
  • Review and analyze recommendations by other parties.
  • Analyze cost estimates by others.
  • Prepare cost estimates for recommended repairs.
  • Industry standard of care.
  • Liability Assessment.
  • Provide reports as required.


  • Provide expert testimony in depositions.
  • Participate in mediation.
  • Prepare trial exhibits
  • Testify at trial as required.
  • Assist in analysis and evaluation of other testimonies.

Case Closing

  • Archive all work products for a minimum of one year.
  • Dispose of samples as per client's instructions.
  • Dispose of documents produced by others as per client's instruction.
  • Provide case summaries as required

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